It’s no coincidence that Reebok’s goofy-looking new running shoe, the ATV 19+, shares its acronym with that of All-Terrain Vehicles. Like the wheeled and motorized ATVs, the shoes feature a wide stable stance, big lugs, and independent suspension (within each of those lugs).

Each shoe's sole has a total of 19 lugs, which are tipped with grippy carbon rubber. The idea is that the big, widely-separated lugs will be able to get down through loose dirt, sand, snow or whatnot, to the firmer ground beneath. Additionally, all of the outer lugs are beveled at a 28-degree angle, to act as stability-enhancing outriggers.

The shoes’ less eye-popping uppers feature a ballistic mesh base layer, and synthetic leather heel and toe caps. There’s no word on how much a pair weighs, which would certainly be interesting to know.

The Reebok ATV 19+ is available now in three color combinations, for US$139.98. They can be seen getting all tough and nasty in the video below.

Source: Reebok via Fast Company

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