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ReliefBand cures motion sickness

ReliefBand cures motion sickness
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Motion-sickness is one of those things - some of us suffer every time we step off a jetty or drive the Great Ocean Road and others never feel a thing. The ReliefBand is an electronic device worn like a sports watch on the underside of the wrist that offers a drug-free remedy to nausea and vomiting caused by car, sea and air sickness, as well roller-coasters and stomach churning amusement park rides.

It works by emitting low-level electrical pulses across two small electrodes to stimulate nerves in the wrist, providing protection from nausea without the headaches, drowsiness and other side effects associated with medicinal remedies. Five power settings enable the wearer to control the level of stimulation and because you can feel it working within minutes, you can adjust or remove the device accordingly. The device can be used before or after symptoms start and there are no restrictions on consumption of food, beverages or the use of other medications in conjunction with using the ReliefBand. Apart form a small amount of gel applied to the underside of the wrist before you strap it on, the device is self-sufficient, with indicator lights showing when it's operating and when the battery is low - the ReliefBand Adventurer is also water-resistant for those who can never seem to find their sea legs
ReliefBand is the first product utilising "Nerve Stimulation TherapyTM", a treatment developed by Woodside Biomedical that confuses the nervous system - the electrical impulses generated by the wristband trigger normal nerve signals that interfere with nausea and vomiting messages to provide relief. The wrist worn device was chosen as the best way to deliver the treatment because the median nerve is closest to the surface of the skin on the ventral side of the wrist. ReliefBand has been cleared in the US by the Federal Drug Administration and has applications in the treatment of nausea and vomiting due to pregnancy and chemotherapy, as well as an adjunct to antiemetics for post-operative nausea.

Available from Air Services Australia, the ReliefBand Adventurer costs AUS$249. The non-water-resistant version costs AUS$190 and there is also a disposable version that provides approximately 150 hours operation for AUS$110.

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