Remote control replacements available online

Remote control replacements available online
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November 24, 2004 What do you do after the dog uses the remote control as a chew-toy, or it mysteriously disappears when you're moving house? In the digital age remote controls are no longer optional for most home or car entertainment system components - they are the key to full functionality when enjoying music, a DVD, or a commercial-filled TV program. Now an American service from 1-800-Remotes (1-800-736-6837 or http://www.remotes.com/ will replace your original remote control model for full system compatibility and ship worldwide.

Consumers may turn to the many "universal" remote controls available on the market, but an original remote is always preferable, explained Robert Wallace, President of 1-800-Remotes. The universal remote must be programmed to each particular brand and model and may not contain the features of an original remote. It may only be able to handle basic functions - if it works at all.

1-800-Remotes circumvents this problem by bringing together in one place the factory-original remote controls for all brands of home and car audio/visual equipment, such as TVs, DVDs, VCRs, satellite receivers, and stereos. 1-800-Remotes stocks thousands of infrared, ultrasonic, radio frequency, and even wired remotes.

1-800-Remotes has been offering original replacement of remotes and owner's manuals for all brands sold in the U.S. since 1991. They attempt to replace the exact remote control that originally accompanied the equipment. The advantage of this is that the remote does not need to be programmed and duplicate every feature of the original remote.

In the case that an original remote is no longer available, 1-800-Remotes can usually substitute the original model with a preprogrammed one that has all the same features. All remotes come with a one-year satisfaction guarantee. 1-800-Remotes also puts batteries in every remote and then tests it before shipment. This ensures that remotes will work right out of the box.

Consumers can search for the remote they need at http://www.remotes.com/. The website also offers invaluable free advice on rebooting remote controls that are not functioning properly and a comprehensive listing of programming codes for consumers who no longer have their owner's manuals.

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