Whether you're practising yoga or running a marathon, coaches will tell you to control your breathing. Given that coaches can't be with you at all times, though, Zansors' new wearable Respa device is designed to be the next-best thing.

Equipped with a self-tuning microphone and a microprocessor, Respa simply clips onto the user's clothing, and its single button is pressed once to set it going. It then proceeds to listen to the user breathing through their nose and mouth as they work out, with data being wirelessly transmitted by Bluetooth to an accompanying iOS/Android app on a paired smartphone.

That app analyzes the rate at which the user is breathing, and compares that to ideal "breathing zones" that have been pre-established for that person, for different types of training. Depending on the user's goal, the app then instructs the Respa to beep/buzz, prompting the user to either increase or decrease their rate of respiration.

Afterwards, the user can also utilize the app to look back over their workout, seeing how well they stuck to their breathing zone targets throughout.

Plans call for there to be four models of the device, aimed at different users. One will be geared toward people performing yoga, with two others for general fitness, and one designed to let coaches monitor up to four Respa-wearing athletes at once on a single smartphone. Some models will feature a motion sensor for measuring cadence, along with an elevation sensor.

One charge of the device's battery, performed using an included wireless Qi charger, should reportedly be good for up to 36 hours of use.

If you're interested, the Respa is currently the subject of an Indiegogo campaign. Pledge levels start at US$149 for the Respa Fitness 2.0 (estimated retail $249), with shipping planned for September if it reaches production.

There's more information in the video below.

Source: Indiegogo

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