Cyclocross bikes typically have paddle-style shift levers integrated into their brake levers, like road bikes do. While this setup his its advantages, cyclocross riders generally like things to be simple and tough enough to stand up to a lot of mud and abuse. That’s where Retroshift CX comes in – it’s a line of brake levers with built-in bar-end-style shifters.

Actually, buyers can get the levers with Retroshift’s own house-brand 9 or 10-speed shifters included, or they can order them “bare” and add their own bar-end or down-tube shifters. Needless to say, not all third-party shifters will work, although Shimano 8, 9 and 10-speed models should do the trick. A list of other compatible shifters can be found on the company website.

Shimano-compatible derailleurs are required on the bike receiving the levers.

There are three models of Retroshift CX – one for bikes with no front derailleur, one for bikes with cantilever or caliper brakes, and one for bikes with linear-pull, V-brakes or disc brakes. Prices for the second two models are US$129 for the bare version, and $189 with shifters included. Weight with shifters is 388 grams.

The system can be seen making some cyclocross-style fast, multi-gear shifts in the video below.

Source: Retroshift via BikeRadar

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