Of all the bicycle light setups out there, Revolights has got to be one of the most unique. Using rim-mounted LEDs, it turns the bike's wheels into very eye-catching head- and tail-lights. Its San Francisco-based creators are now set to release a new version of Revolights known as Eclipse +, which adds wireless functionality to the mix.

The base Revolights system consists of four "rings," each one of which contains 12 equally-spaced LEDs along with a battery and electronics module. Two of those rings (which have white LEDs) are mounted on either side of the front wheel rim, while the other two (with red LEDs) go on the back.

Once the bike is in motion, the lights blink on and off at a rate set by the speed at which the wheels are turning – this blinking pattern, in turn, results in the front half of the front wheel and the rear half of the rear wheel being illuminated. This means that a bike running Revolights looks rather like a pair of bright parentheses, traveling down the street. The system is designed not only to provide side illumination, but also to project light in front of and behind the bicycle. The front set of white LEDs produces a combined output of 280 lumens.

Not long ago, the company introduced its Eclipse system. It added features such as an accelerometer-activated brake light, which makes the rear LEDs flash more rapidly when the cyclist is coming to a stop. Eclipse + brings the Revolights app into the picture, allowing for several new Bluetooth-enabled functions.

Among these are the abilities to monitor battery life in real time, see your current speed/distance traveled, and receive weather warnings before heading out. Riders can also turn the lights on and off using their phone, or they can leave the app to do so automatically based on the time of day.

Another interesting new feature is the turn signal function. This is controlled via the app, a dedicated handlebar-mounted remote, or through gesture recognition with a supported smartwatch. Once activated, it causes the rear ring to start flashing full-circle on the chosen side – it should be noted that the flashing red light will be visible on the road beside the bike, not just on the wheel itself.

Should you be interested, Revolights Eclipse + is currently the subject of an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, where a pledge of US$209 will get you a set if everything goes as planned. The retail price will be $249.

You can see the lights in use, in the following pitch video.

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