Roughly a year ago, Rezvani took a break from launching tiny, beastly supercars to kick up dirt and sand with a hulking, specially wrapped Jeep Wrangler it called the Tank. It was a pretty extreme change of direction and a pretty extreme build – an xtreme utility vehicle (XUV!) in fact. Unsurprisingly, it was not quite extreme enough to sate Rezvani employees and fans for long. So the California shop dropped Dodge's 6.2-liter Hellcat engine into the bay, cranked things up by more than 200 hp and created the Tank X, an "off-road supercar."

The Tank X goes up against the Tank Military Edition for the title of ultimate Rezvani Tank. On one hand, the X comes standard with 707 hp and 710 lb-ft worth of 6.2-liter supercharged Hellcat V8 that mil-spec buyers have to add on separately – military boys don't get to have all the fun, it turns out. On the other, the X is designed more for backcountry trails than war zones, so there's no ballistic armor, bulletproof glass, run-flat tires, deployable smokescreen or other battle-ready features. And X buyers have to throw down an extra $5,500 if they want the FLIR thermal/night vision system that comes standard on the Military Tank – and what sane Tank buyer doesn't check that box?!

So we guess Military Edition and X owners will have to squabble about whose is better. Hopefully for X owners, it doesn't come down to a game of chicken.

Beyond the Hellcat engine, the Tank X benefits from the rugged construction of the standard Tank and features like on-demand 4x4, roof-integrated off-road LED lighting, power-initiated rear coach doors, and – not necessarily a positive – all that Rezvani bodywork suffocating the Wrangler below. Rezvani mentions a sport-tuned suspension, and X buyers can also choose the off-road or off-road extreme packages for upgraded suspension, axles, ride height and tires.

Inside, the Tank X wears devilish hand-stitched red leather all over and includes a 7.9-in infotainment screen and head-up display.

The Tank X starts at US$259,000, but things get more expensive in a hurry once you start adding on options. The Hellcat upgrade is nice, but we'd be more inclined to drop it into the $165,000 base Tank (a $65,000 option) and save the $29,000 for a rainy day.

Source: Rezvani

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