The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) has unveiled its longlist for 2017's House of the Year competition. The selection highlights the cream of British residential design and includes stunning luxury pads, sustainable renovations, a beach house raised on stilts, and a treehouse for two accessed by suspension bridge.

Though a UK-wide competition, 2017's House of the Year is dominated by English submissions, mostly in the south. Just three of the homes are located across the border in Scotland, while Wales and Northern Ireland didn't field a single entry between them. Still, it's an excellent selection and includes some real variety this year.

We've highlighted our favorites below, but head to the gallery to see each one in full.

Redshank - Lisa Shell Architects with Marcus Taylor

This little beach house in Essex by Lisa Shell Architects has been showered with praise from critics since it was completed in August last year.

Having a total floorspace of 49 sq m (527 sq ft), Redshank is supported on a steel tripod structure that cleverly hides the necessary service connections for power, water and sewage. Accessed is gained by a galvanized steel staircase and the home sports a small balcony with built-in seating.

The interior is quite simple and split between just three rooms: living room, bedroom, and bathroom. Generous glazing offers views over the local marshland and towards the sea.

The Quest - Strom Architects

Strom Architects was commissioned to build this stunning luxury home called the Quest by a pair of elderly clients and their disabled daughter. Located in Dorset, the single-story dwelling takes its place discreetly on a hillside and cantilevers impressively over a stone wall.

Inside the 235 sq m (2,529 sq ft) home, the layout is accessible, flexible and open, with a large living room, dining area and kitchen encouraging family bonding. The glazing is significant and offers excellent views over the countryside.

Solar panels are placed discreetly on the roof to reduce grid-based electricity needs. The house is heated by an open log fire, in addition to underfloor heating.

Woodsman's Treehouse - Brownlie Ernst and Marks

Regular readers may remember this luxury treehouse in Dorset from our coverage last year. The Woodsman's Treehouse is a luxury dwelling for two people that boasts a sauna, hot tub, and even a slide for making a speedy exit.

Access to the treehouse is gained by crossing a small suspension bridge and the front door is made from heavy oak, with a marine porthole and submarine-style locking mechanism.

Inside, the treehouse measures 35 sq m (376 sq ft). It includes a small lobby, toilet, and a main living area. This latter space includes a king-sized bed, kitchenette, seating, and a copper bath. Heating comes from a rotating fireplace in the center.

The overall winner of 2017's RIBA House of the Year will be declared in a few months time.

Source: RIBA

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