The sheer scale of CES in Las Vegas means that you are bound to stumble across some unexpected gems while wandering the halls. This 360-degree panoramic camera from Ricoh is a great example of that. The prototype device takes a 360-degree photo with a single click using two 180-degree cameras positioned on opposing sides of its T-shaped body.

The resolution has not been finalized, but the pictures looked quite sharp in the show floor demonstration where a TV was used to display what the camera can do.

The creators point out that the focus here is on simplicity, and being able to grab a whole room with one snap is certainly as simple as it gets.

The current version of the prototype can take single images, but the Ricoh hopes to add burst shots to the device. Recording 360-degree video is also something that may be considered down the road ... but it may be some way off.

There's no official word on pricing as yet, but Ricoh plans to divulge more information closer to the release, which is expected to be before the end of 2013.

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