One of the main advantages that e-bikes have over electric scooters is the fact that you can choose to propel them by human power only, reserving motor power for those times when you really need it. However, if that bike weighs 40 or 50 pounds or so (18 to 23 kg), then you probably won't want to "pedal only" it much. While some significantly lighter models do exist, their prices can range up to several thousand bucks. That's where the Riide e-bike comes in. It weighs 35 lb (16 kg), and has a planned price of US$1,799.

Developed by a Washington, DC-based start-up, the aluminum-framed Riide has a 36-volt 9Ah lithium-ion battery integrated into its down tube, delivering power to a 350-watt direct drive rear hub motor.

Riders can simply pedal the bike with no assistance; they can go with the motor only, to a top speed of 20 mph (32 km/h); or, they can go faster by both pedaling and using the motor. The bike has a motor-only range of 20 to 25 miles (32 to 40 km), with a full charge of the battery taking two to three hours from a regular outlet.

One thing that it doesn't have, however, is multiple gears. This is partly what keeps its cost and weight down, with the idea being that in situations where its one gear is too high for easy pedaling, its motor can be added to the mix to make up the difference.

Company co-founder Jeff Stefanis tells us that the inclusion of high-spec'd components is also a factor in its relatively low weight, while the fact that he plans to sell it direct to consumers (i.e: not through stores) additionally helps keep its cost down.

Jeff and co-founder Amber Watson are now raising production funds for the Riide on Kickstarter. A pledge of the earlier-mentioned $1,799 (but with shipping included in the US) will get you a bike of your own, when and if they're ready to go.

More information is available in the pitch video below.

Source: Kickstarter

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