Quads are great for traversing rough terrain, while golf carts are well-suited to short low-speed jaunts. So, what happens if you want a vehicle with the qualities of both? Well, that's where the Ripper ATV is designed to come in.

Designed and manufactured by Nebraska-based company Rogue10, the Ripper is powered by a 163cc Honda GX160 engine, taking it to a top speed of 10 mph (16 km/h).

It's pretty small compared to a regular quad, weighing 212 lb (96 kg) and measuring 52 inches long by 46.5 inches tall by 30.2 inches wide (1,321 by 1,181 by 767 mm). This means that it can be easily transported in an RV, the back of an SUV, or the bed of a pickup truck – in fact, one truck can reportedly haul three Rippers.

In order to keep things light and simple, it doesn't come standard with a seat. Instead, users stand up while riding it, utilizing an appropriately tall set of handlebars. Those bars fold down for transport, and a seat is available as an optional extra.

Some of its other features include front and rear cargo racks, independent front suspension with adjustable shocks, and a wrist-strap kill switch that shuts off the motor if the rider falls off. It should be noted that the Ripper is not four-wheel drive, although because it has a live axle, both rear wheels are always engaged.

If you're interested in getting a Ripper ATV, it'll cost you US$3,495 – the seat is an extra $300. And here's a fun fact: it was designed by engineer Brice Crawford, who previously brought us the Tomahawk all-terrain motorized wheelchair.

Finally, should you like the idea of a stand-up ATV but you want one that really boogies, check out the DTV Shredder.

Source: Ripper ATV

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