Children of the late ‘80s and early ‘90s will likely remember the craze that was slap bracelets, those oh-so-trendy fashion accessories whose stainless steel spring bands allowed them to wrap around a wrist with a simple slap. Ritmo Mundo has brought back the slap bracelet and added some extra functionality with its Reflex watch that lets you know just how far gone that misspent youth is.

The Reflex watch tells the time in a similar way to the Retsu watch from TokyoFlash, but with two lines of LEDs instead of the Retsu’s one. The column on the left indicates the hour and whether it’s a.m. and p.m, while the right column shows the minutes, which can be calculated with a bit of simple addition.

Instead of fabric or plastic, the Relfex’s outer casing is made from silicone, which should help prevent any of the injuries that the original slap bracelet was supposedly responsible for. It also makes the watch water resistant to 1 atm (around 10 m/33 ft). The watch measures 32 mm (1.26 in) wide and 242 mm (9.5 in) long and comes in no less than 13 colors.

The Reflex’s retro styling will set you back US$150.

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