In 2014, UK designer Sarah Giblin launched a new secure backpack on Kickstarter called the RiutBag, which deterred would-be contents thieves by placing all storage access points against the wearer's back. Now Riut is back with another secure backpack that can increase its available storage in seconds.

The RiutBag X35 starts off as a 21-inch (55 cm) high, 10-liter capacity urban backpack that has a pocket inside for a 15.6-inch laptop, as well as various organizer sections and a secure quick access passport/smartphone holder. As before, access to the contents is only possible via zips hidden from view against the wearer's back.

Using an origami-inspired design, the X35 unfolds to offer the user 35 liters of internal storage – effectively transforming it from a daily essentials commuter backpack to carry-on luggage in seconds. There's a suitcase strap, and a chest strap. And it's made from durable and waterproof materials, and is machine washable.

"After two successful Kickstarter campaigns, I stopped designing and didn't think I would be able to return," said Giblin. "However, traveling re ignited my passion, and after asking the RiutBag community what their perfect backpack would look like if there were no limits to what was possible, I decided to design the next generation of RiutBags. This is where the origami-inspired RiutBag came from – giving people a bag that works for both cities and travel. All RiutBags are built to last a lifetime, and the X35 is designed to be the last backpack you ever buy."

The Kickstarter campaign for production funds started today, with £80 (about US$100) early bird pledges already snapped up as of writing. Pledge levels for the X35 now start at £120. But there's more...

Riut – which stands for Revolution in User Thinking – has another belongings transporter available as part of the campaign, the RiutBag Crush. Described as an ultralight secure daypack, the Crush lives up to its name by folding down into its own self-contained pocket when not in use.

When unfolded, the Crush offers 13 liters of storage and, again, has no zips showing on the outer shell. It's also reported showerproof and machine washable. Kickstarter pledges for this model start at £30.

If all goes to plan, shipping is estimated to start in October. The video below has more.

Sources: Riut, Kickstarter

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