There's something fishy going on in Zhuhai, Guangdong Province, China. Following an architectural competition, RMJM's Shenzhen office has been given the nod to build a striking observation tower that's meant to resemble a fish out of water and is clad in 1,400 aluminum scales.

The Doumen Observation Tower draws design inspiration from both the movement of water, and a fish leaping out of the river – the latter is meant to symbolize the prosperity and rapid transformation of the city.

Such symbolism can often be seen as more important to architectural projects in China compared to, say, the US, where it can often seem an afterthought. This is highlighted by projects like the Guangzhou Circle Mansion and Phoenix Towers, which draw upon Feng Shui, and the traditional Chinese Phoenix, respectively.

The observation tower will rise 88 m (288 ft) into the sky, with a total floor space of 4,563 sq m (49,115 sq ft). The interior will be split into three sections: cafes, restaurants, and souvenir stores on the ground, while the middle features an unspecified "recreation platform," and up-top there's a glass-encased observation platform that offers 360 degree views.

In addition to lending the tower the appearance of a shimmering fish, RMJM states that the aluminum "scales" will provide a degree of sun protection to the building and create interesting natural light patterns within.

As yet, we've no word on when building will begin, nor when the project is due to be completed, but have contacted to RMJM in a bid to find out.

Source: RMJM

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