Kids could soon be looking for another way to make some pocket money with robotic lawn mowers such as the Husqvarna’s Automower Solar Hybrid robot mower now staking a claim for the job. The latest yard roaming mower to join the fray is the Robby Garden XP that uses its patented grass detection sensors to get the job done without the need to install a virtual perimeter wire. It also mulches as it goes to help fertilize the lawn and eliminate the need for post-mowing raking.

The Robby Garden XP’s sensors give it the ability to recognize the lawn, although non-mowable areas will need to be differentiated using something the robot can recognize such as stones or a hedge. The robot can also navigate around obstacles like trees or playground equipment. It has a cutting width of 22cm (8.6-inches) and can handle difficult terrain and inclines up to 27 degrees thanks to its four-wheel drive.

The robot’s 6.9 Ah rechargeable Lithium battery should be good for up to four hours of mowing depending on the chosen speed and can be started, paused and stopped at the push of a button. Additionally, it can measure the height of the grass to be mowed and adjust the speed of the blades accordingly to conserve power and reduce noise when there is little or no grass. An in-built tilt sensor will also stop and cover the blades for safely carrying the 7.9 kg (17.4lb) robot from the front to the back lawn.

The Robby Garden XP doesn’t come cheap though. It’s priced at 1,559 euro (approx. US$1,119), which would cover a lot of weekend mowing jobs from whichever neighborhood kid you could wrangle to do the same job.