Retro digital radio: Roberts MP-SOUND 41

Retro digital radio: Roberts MP-SOUND 41
MP-SOUND 41 digital radio
MP-SOUND 41 digital radio
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MP-SOUND 41 digital radio
MP-SOUND 41 digital radio

January 24, 2008 The UK-based Roberts Radio Company has been producing portable radios since the 1930’s and one of their latest offerings is the MP-SOUND 41 digital radio. With its retro looks you could be forgiven for thinking it’s an old-fashioned analogue radio but with Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) capability, Electronic Programming Guide (EPG) technology and the ability to record up to 8 hours of radio onto a SD card, it has nearly everything required for the 21st Century.

Using EPG technology, the MP-SOUND 41 can record up to 12 programs at any one time and up to a week ahead. The EPG also provides start and stop times as well as program information similar to that provided for digital TV broadcasts.

Another neat feature is that it has the ability to record up to 8 hours of your favorite radio programs onto SD card which you can download to your laptop or PC. Recorded programs can then be played back through the radio or a computer. A full screen display means no scrolling and you can pause, rewind, fast-forward, record and playback program and tracks from the SD card quickly and easily. The 12 record timers allow you to use EPG or specified times and can be set to repeatedly record programs which are broadcast daily, weekly, weekdays or weekends and the MP-SOUND 41 also includes PausePlus, a handy feature which enables you to pause and rewind your listening to a selected point.

The MP-SOUND 41 costs £139.99. EPG is currently being broadcast by all BBC national stations, all Digital One stations and others.

MP-SOUND 41 Specifications

  • DAB/FM wavebands
  • 12 Alarms-wake to radio, buzzer or favorite track
  • MP3/WM playback from SD card
  • 12 record timers
  • 12 station presets
  • RDS station name display
  • Clock /Alarm functions
  • Headphone socket
  • Size (mm) 300(w) x 180(h) x 95(d) (approx. 12”(w) x 7”(h) x 4”(d))
  • Weight 2kg (approx. 4.5 pounds)

The digital radio revolution in the UK and European countries is certain to continue. The technology has recently appeared in cars with BMW keen to explore the possibilities of DAB surround sound and G-Wiz offering a DAB radio/CD with MP3 player input in their electric vehicle .

According to the Digital Radio Development Bureau (DRDB), a UK trade body funded and supported by the BBC and commercial radio multiplex operators, more than half a million DAB radios were sold in the 2007 Christmas period, up 22% from December 2006. With UK listeners having more choice with digital (between 30 and 50 radio stations) the DRDB’s forecast 30% household penetration by 2008.

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