It’s just what every young boy with a messy bedroom has dreamed of – a robot that trundles across the floor, picks things up, and takes them away. WowWee’s Roboscooper can do just that, although it’s limited to small objects that weigh no more than one ounce (28 grams). The toy robot has six rubber wheels, a cargo bed, articulated arms, and a WALL-E-like head with infrared eyes. Users can guide it to objects manually with the remote control, or leave it in autonomous mode, where it roams around (avoiding obstacles) and picks up whatever it comes across. It then takes the items to a location determined by the user, where it shakes them out of its cargo bed.

Like a lot of electronic toys, Roboscooper is big on noise. It makes a skidding sound when it stops, beeps when it backs up, and delivers a variety of phrases such as “Let’s go to work” and “One step closer to a cleaner world” – there is absolutely no chance that these could become extremely annoying. It also verbally lets users know when an object is too heavy, or when it gets stuck.

In “Whack” mode, the robot delivers two-handed slaps to everything it encounters, because, you know... why not?

Roboscooper requires six AA batteries, plus three AAAs for the remote. It costs US$69.95.

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