Kyoto-based factory automation firm Squse has developed a robotic hand that is dextrous and delicate enough to handle sushi. The scarily lifelike hand is constructed of a polycarbonate skeleton covered by a skin of soft silicone. Its 22 pneumatically powered artificial muscles enable its fingers to move like a human hand and it has 20 different moves up its sleeve, ranging from a full-hand squeeze to a delicate two-finger pinch used to transfer sushi from one plate to another.

Squse isn’t really targeting the hand at those too lazy to lift sushi to their mouths. Rather, the hand’s delicate grip is designed to pack, handle and even harvest fruits and vegetables without bruising them as well as to handle fragile factory parts.

The developers say the hand, which weighs 340 grams, may also be used as a prosthetic limb. Unfortunately, the hand isn’t skillful enough to actually make sushi just yet – but, with a bit of luck, Squse is working on it.