A new Guinness World Record was recently set in China when 1,069 robots simultaneously completed a choreographed dance routine. This was the third time in twelve months the world record for "most robots dancing simultaneously" has been broken.

The record was set using a model named "Dobi" from WL Intelligent Technology. This commercially available humanoid robot stands 47 cm tall, is app-controlled, and known to enjoy a good dance.

Over the past twelve months the competition for this particular world record has been hectic, with several robotics companies keen to use the spectacle to expand their profile. In April 2016, UBTECH Robotics set the bar with 540 robots jiving in perfect unison.

Then just a few months later the Ever Win Company smashed that record with 1,007 robots simultaneously strutting their stuff. This particular attempt was most notable for the fact that all the dancing bots were controlled by just one mobile phone.

Now WL Tech has set a new bar with 1,069 synchronized dancers. Several robots apparently fell over during the performance and were not counted in the final tally.

While the sight of a thousand synchronized robots should fill us with fears of a Skynet-Likoe dystopian future, there is something undeniably cute about these groovy dance-bots.

Watch our future overlords bust a move in the video below.

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