Roccat has revealed its latest gaming mouse in the form of the Kova, a device that replaces previous instalments in the line. The new wired mouse lets users double optic sensitivity at the click of a button, and offers a host of buttons, each of which can be given dual functionality.

At the heart of the new Kova is a 32-bit ARM chip, paired up with a Pro-Optic R6 sensor. It features a native 3,500 DPI, which is pretty standard, but users can double the sensitivity to 7,000 DPI using the built-in Overdrive feature.

Perhaps the biggest design change with the new Kova is the introduction of two new buttons. Known as Smart Cast, they're essentially just two extra assignable buttons to the left and right of the standard clickers, but they're positioned right under the fingertips, making them ideal for fast-paced, twitchy games such as first person shooters.

The company's Easy-Shift + feature is also included here. It lets users hold the back left side button to enable a secondary command for every button, resulting in an impressive 22 functions. Button bindings are set up through the included Swarm software.

Elsewhere, the ergonomics have been tweaked with a "strong emphasis on performance," and the design is ambidextrous. As this is a gaming mouse, there's also an RGB lighting system in play, offering 16.8 million colors in two separate zones – namely the back mouse rim and scroll wheel.

Top tier products like the Logitech Proteus Core might offer a higher max DPI, but the ambidextrous design, new button layout and custom lighting might make the Kova worth a look. The asking pricing is also fairly reasonable, at US$60.

The Kova is available in black or white, and will ship on November 17.

Source: Roccat

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