Roccat’s Tyon offers everything you would expect from a wired gaming mouse, including a wealth of customizable buttons and a precision laser sensor. The new peripheral goes a little beyond this however, introducing new controls that the company calls the Dorsal Fin Switch and X-Celerator thumb paddle.

The Tyon is fitted with 16 assignable buttons (plus an Easy-Shift button that lets you double up their functionality), an 8,200 DPI laser sensor, and a mouse wheel that offers “millions of ultra-precise steps.” The accessory is fitted with a 32-bit processor and 576 KB of internal memory, allowing the user to store a wide range of button-mapping presets on the mouse itself.

Though that might all look like pretty standard stuff for a gaming mouse, the Roccat product manages to stand out by offering previously unseen control functionality. First up is the Dorsal Fin Switch – a two-way clickable button that sits behind the wheel, designed to be activated with the knuckle of a middle finger. The company doesn’t specifically highlight a use for this, but we can see it being great for tasks such as quickly cycling between weapons in first person shooters.

The second big addition is the X-Celerator thumb paddle, which can be pulled up or down to perform a number of functions such as throttling a vehicle or controlling aircraft tilt and pitch.

Last but not least, the Tyon offers two levels of lighting, located around the base of the mouse and on the sides of its wheel.

The Roccat Tyon is available now for US$100.

Check out the video below for a closer look at the new mouse.

Source: Roccat

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