Rolls Royce and rock'n'roll might sound like an odd combination, but the British manufacturer has long been associated with rock legends – Elvis and John Lennon both got about in Phantom V's and Keith Moon drove a Roller into a pool (or so the urban myth goes). In a nod to its long list of chart-topping clientele, Rolls Royce has announced an "Inspired by Music" version of the Wraith, which packs in a 1300 W, 18-channel bespoke speaker system.

The 1300 W, 18-channel Bespoke Audio system was designed in conjunction with the Rolls Royce interior design team to ensure exceptional acoustics. The system is made up of two powerful bass speakers, seven tweeters and seven midrange speakers, as well as two speakers mounted in the headlining. These headlining-mounted "exciters" are designed to bring the sound to passengers at ear level, making the experience more like that of a concert or live gig.

To make sure the sound of the real-world doesn't ruin the rich ambience inside, there is a microphone that monitors external noises and then adjusts the volume and tone of the music to compensate.

On top of the bespoke audio system, the Wraith's exterior and interior trim finishes have been given the Inspired by Music treatment. Outside, the car is finished in a copper color designed to be reminiscent of the copper used in high-end audio systems.

Inside, Rolls' engineers and designers have fitted the car with new copper speaker grilles and trim, which complement the leather-woven floor mats that set this special Wraith apart from its already-luxurious brethren.

There is no price mentioned, but as the saying goes – if you have to ask, you probably can't afford it.

Source: Rolls-Royce

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