Evapolar must be on to something. In the fall of 2015, the company introduced a toaster-sized portable air conditioner via a successful Indiegogo campaign that netted over US$1.2 million and nearly 6,500 backers. The company is back for round two with some noted improvements and a new crowdfunding campaign for Evapolar 2 that has already exceeded its fundraising goal.

The original Evapolar was a 1,680 g (59 oz) unit that was said to be 12 times more energy efficient than a traditional split-system air conditioner. Delivering from four to six hours of cooling on a single 750 ml (25.4 oz) tank of water, the company claimed the Evapolar could drop temperatures by a maximum of 17° C (30.6° F), depending on the humidity and temperature levels.

This level of efficiency in such a small air conditioner was mostly a result of the company's proprietary EvaBreeze technology – a material with evaporative properties designed with nano-glass fibers. The new Evapolar 2 uses an improved version of Evabreeze, which the company says makes the new unit even more efficient and the user more comfortable without using any type of toxic materials.

Additional efficiency comes by way of a larger water tank, now doubled in size to 1.5l (51 oz), and more aerodynamic fan blades that maximize airflow and reduce noise. The water tank was also made to be spill proof, making it easier to move from one location to another.

The Evapolar 2 also includes an iOS- and Android-compatible app that allows users to change key settings remotely, set the device's timer, and receive information about how much electricity is saved using the device. A smart-home setting supported by Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Samsung Smart Things and Apple Home Kit will allow users to automatically turn the Evapolar 2 on with other home devices connected to one of the systems.

Ten watts of power is all it takes to power the Evapolar 2, which works on a USB power supply that can connect to the nearest electrical outlet, PC, notepad, power bank or solar battery.

Since the completion of its initial Indiegogo campaign in 2015, the company has sold over 20,000 units in 92 countries. The current campaign has raised over $277,900 exceeding their initial $50,000 flex goal.

Early backers can hold their Evapolar 2 for a $179 pledge, a 40% discount from what is expected to be a $300 list price. The company expects to ship units in July if all goes as planned, as it did with the introduction of the first Evapolar.

Take a look at the video for more details about how Evapolar 2 was designed and how it works.

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