Normally, wheelchair users move themselves along by pushing the rims of the two large wheels forward. But installing a set of Rowheels allows them to pull back on the rims, and still move forward. This is said to require less force than pushing and makes use of larger muscles. Now the company behind Rowheels has started selling a fully-kitted out wheelchair – the Revolution.

The Revolution's propulsion system works much the same as it does when REV-HX or REV-LX Rowheels are installed on a third party wheelchair. But, encouraged by global sales of its pull-wheel technology, the company has decided to build a full wheelchair of its own and make it directly available to consumers.

"We have proven the pull-wheel concept and are now poised to disrupt a wheelchair market that is predicted to hit $5.4bn by 2022 and yet has changed little in the last 140 years," said CEO Gaurav Mishra. "Rowheels Revolution gives wheelchair users a better option at an affordable price via an e-commerce platform that challenges the inefficiencies of today's healthcare system."

The Revolution 1.0 is available in three seat widths – 16, 18 and 20 inch – and is described as foldable, lightweight and portable. Its maintenance-free patented geared drive technology is said to help strengthen upper body and reduces the risk of shoulder, elbow and wrist injuries.

Because the wheel and rim are not directly connected, a push of the rim inward will engage the brake pads and slow the wheelchair down. For users with reduced or no grip, the company makes special anti-slip hand rims. And the system also allows users to push the wheels if a need arises by simply taking their hands off the rims and handling the tires directly.

The Revolution 1.0 will be available in red, blue or black from October for US$999, but pre-orders can be placed now.

Source: Rowheels

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