If you want a fatbike that'll get you noticed, the Rungu Juggernaut is a hard one to beat. Actually a fat trike that was originally designed to carry surfboards across loose sand, it's presumably not always the easiest thing to pedal – particularly on loose terrain. That's why its California-based designers have now come out with an electric version, which we spied at Interbike 2015.

Like the original, the 75-lb (34-kg) electric version features two 26 x 4.7-inch tires in the front along with another in the rear.

What's new with this model is a 2,000-watt 3-phase high torque rear hub motor. It's powered by a 48-volt 12.5-Ah lithium-polymer battery, and linked to a 3-phase controller. In throttle mode, it'll take the trike to an electronically-limited top speed of 20 mph (32 km/h) for a distance of approximately 20 miles per charge.

Although riders can pedal while the throttle is in use, there's no pedal-assist mode.

Rungu is already making the electric Juggernaut in limited quantities, but plans on stepping up production next year. If you want one (or even if you don't), it'll cost you US$5,300.

Source: Rungu

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