Running costs of US$1400 a mile!

Running costs of US$1400 a mil...
1985 Buckingham - a true one off
1985 Buckingham - a true one off
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1985 Buckingham - a true one off
1985 Buckingham - a true one off

September 26, 2007 This car might well be one of the most expensive automobiles to have ever been owned with running costs, including depreciation, insurance, registration, garaging ad infinitum, currently standing at well over UKP 700 (US$1400) a mile. Costing around UKP250,000 to build, it has covered just 348 miles in the past 22 years and its value is now estimated around UKP30,000 – meaning it has cost UKP 632 (US$1264) per mile in depreciation alone! The car, which took eight Aston Martin Lagonda craftsmen two years to design and three years to construct, is going to auction next week.

The 1985 Buckingham is a true one off, having been commissioned by a wealthy car enthusiast in order to produce a motor vehicle of outstanding design and quality.

It is understood to have taken eight skilled Aston Martin Lagonda craftsmen some two years to design and three years to construct, with the build cost estimated around £250,000. Using modern technology but with classically inspired coachwork design, the vehicle is based on a high tensile steel chassis with coachwork in hand-formed, double skin aluminium panelling.

The ‘gullwing’ rear doors lead to an air-conditioned passenger cabin, finished in Champagne leather with rosewood trim and black leather. The coachwork is finished in two-tone Burgundy and Champagne and the bonnet sports an unique swan mascot designed by a prominent British artist and produced in solid brass. The radiator badge, produced by Garrards, the royal jeweller, is in gold and black enamel.

The 1985 Buckingham is being offered for sale in BCA’s next Classic & Historic auction in the United Kingdom on October 2, 2007.

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