If you're of the opinion that drones are plenty dangerous enough already without loading them up with actual firearms, then the newly launched S6 from Chinese company Wingsland may be more to your tastes. The pocket-sized drone carries a number of par-for-the-course features such as a high-res camera and automated flight modes, but can also be rigged up with various attachments including a flashlight and a toy gun.

Some drones are built for speed, while others are crafted for high-grade aerial cinematography. Wingsland seems to have developed the S6 with a clear emphasis on simply having a grand old time.

The S6 is about the same size as an iPhone 6 Plus and features folding arms so it can be stowed away in your pocket when not in use. It weighs 230 g (8.11 oz), is fitted with a 13-megapixel camera and Wingsland bills it as the world's thinnest 4K video drone at a thickness of 28.6 mm (1.12 in). These are pretty impressive specs packed into pretty small package, but what may give the S6 a point of difference is a port built into its top side that accommodates different attachments.

At launch, Wingsland says it has three accessories ready to go: a flashlight for aerial robotics searches, a light-up expression board that can be used to display flying emojis and a toy gun for launching airstrikes on unsuspecting victims. There's no detail on exactly what these projectiles are made of, but they do sound like they could offer Nerf war strategists quite a tactical advantage.

The drone is controlled via a dedicated smartphone app and allows for a number of autonomous flight modes such as follow-me, auto-return home and one-touch takeoff and landing. Wingsland says more attachments are on the way that will expand the functionality of the S6, including an obstacle-avoidance accessory.

The promo video below positions the drone as some kind of can-destroying, espionage-sabotaging, love-heart delivery service, though it is hard to imagine the S6 being used as anything other than a fun toy. It will be available in six colors and priced at ¥2,199 locally. This equates to around US$350 for international customers, with shipping to kick off "very soon."

Source: Wingsland

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