There’s no doubting the popularity of coffee and, like creating a fine wine, the process of perfecting that ultimate brew can be somewhat complicated. Domestic coffee machines have made the job of getting a café quality coffee at home so much easier, and now Saeco has gone that extra mile by releasing a machine that allows family members to individually tailor coffee to their tastes. The Xelsis automatic coffee machine features six personalized profiles so everyone can customize their own brew at the touch of a button.

All tastes are catered for with the Xelsis’ ability to prepare nine different types of beverage, from espresso to weak black coffee, from cappuccino to latte, or simply hot water for a cup of tea. Each drink can be personalized according to aroma, pre-infusion, temperature, length and cream of the coffee, and quantity and creaminess of the milk, all via an easy-to-use large display, which identifies different profiles with icons such as a star, heart and four-leaf clover.

A hermetic container with silicon seals ensures the freshness of the beans as they are ground for each serving using a ceramic grinder with multiple settings. The machine also offers silent operation, both while grinding and brewing, while the automatic stand-by and eco mode functions help cut energy consumption. Meanwhile, a Brita water filter fitted as standard on all Xelsis machines eliminates impurities and softens the water.

Saeco has also designed a new system to whip the milk for your desired beverage using a special carafe that is integrated into the Xelsis design, but can be easily removed for cleaning or storing in the fridge. The cleaning process is further aided by the automatic cleaning system for the milk circuit that uses steam at the end of each emulsion process. The full front also opens up allowing access and removal of the coffee brewing unit without having to remove the cups and milk jug.

All this sounds impressive, but the proof of the pudding, or in this case coffee, is in the tasting, and according to our man on the ground at IFA, where the Xelsis was on display, the machine made the best coffee he had tasted since arriving in Germany two weeks ago. Not only that, its controls were also very easy to use. Knowing how much our man likes his coffee that’s worthy praise.

Saeco’s Xelsis is due to be available sometime this month priced at EUR€1,599 (approx. USD$2,280 at time of publication) for the stainless steel finish, or EUR€1,499 (approx. USD$2,143) for a white or black unit.

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