Sexual violence is sadly still a problem facing (mostly) women in countries around the world. The statistics regarding the number of cases is shocking, but the effect that it has on all women, whether victims or otherwise, is likewise depressing. Safelet aims to make the world a safer place, and foster a feeling of security for people wearing this "alarming" (in both the figurative and literal senses) bracelet.

Safelet, created by Dutch company Everfind, is a simple safety bracelet which allows the wearer to send out an alert whenever they feel that they're in danger. It can be activated a lot quicker and more simply than using a mobile phone, and offers important information to those on the receiving end of the emergency alert.

The initial setup involves installing the iOS or Android Safelet app and pairing your Safelet bracelet with your smartphone. You then choose your preferred level of security – friends and family, the wider Safelet community, or the police – and invite "guardians" to contact.

When the wearer does encounter danger, activating Safelet is also a simple process. You simultaneously click the buttons on either side, which immediately sends a message detailing your exact location to your guardians via your smartphone. At that moment, the microphone built into Safelet will also start recording, which will be relayed to the police if you have selected that level of protection.

While Safelet is being marketed mainly at women, there would be nothing to stop men owning one and using it if and when they become a victim of crime.

The production of Safelet is currently being funded through an Indiegogo campaign, with US$99 enough to secure one when and if they reach production. This is $30 less than the final retail price, and includes free shipping worldwide.

The video below is a short animation showing how Safelet works by using a community of guardians to help those in need of assistance.

Source: Safelet via Indiegogo

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