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Safemanuals - 880,000 online user manuals

Safemanuals - 880,000 online user manuals
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May 6, 2008 There are a million reasons why your user manual gets separated from your gizmo, but the universal law of gadgetry stipulates that it does, and most importantly, it isn’t available when you most need it. Accordingly, Paris-based SafeManuals is certainly worth putting in your bookmarks. It’s a free service, has 880,000 user manuals online already and grows by around 500 user manuals daily. Indeed, given that the growth is based on user-contributed manuals, perhaps you could scan your manuals and send them in so you can happily clear out the cupboards.

Neither the uploading, nor the downloading require registration or authentication and already the site has found that some manufacturers are using the site to distribute their user manuals.

The site is available in English, French, German, Portuguese, Chinese, Spanish, and Italian.

In terms of service levels, safemanuals has one of the highest testimonials possible - 68% of visitors download a user guide. How many services can offer that sort of satisfaction for free? Not surprisingly, the most popular manuals are for cars, GPS, mobile phones and domestic appliances.

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1 comment
Stuart Taylor
Useful stuff Mike, another good alternative to search and download manuals is at: