It seems that the problem of carrying water is really nagging runners. At least it's nagging manufacturers that want to sell new gear to runners. The numerous running-specific hydration packs and belts already on the market are being joined by alternatives like the Kenmark Armband Water Bottle and now these water-lugging "gloves" from Salomon.

Salomon wagers that it isn't the weight or feel of a water bottle in hand that hinders runners, but the muscle function involved in wrapping your fingers around it and holding it. The recently announced Sense Hydro S-Lab Set is a fancy way of saying "water bottle gloves." We call them gloves, but they're really more like wrist straps that hold included 250-ml (8.5 oz.) soft-sided bottles on your hands. They come in a pair, so you can carry a full 500 ml (16.9 oz) of water with you, assuming you don't mind having one on each hand. The water bottles can roll up as you drink, preventing sloshing and cutting down on size. Salomon also mentions that you can use 150-ml (5 oz) bottles.

Salomon claims that by not having to actively hold the water bottles, you save energy and focus for the run ahead. We're not entirely sure how much energy you really expend on holding a bottle, but when you're on a long, hot, exhausting run, every little bit may just help.

To make a pair of Sense Hydro S-Labs more than a one-trick pony, Salomon includes a terry cloth back, good for wiping perspiration from your brow. The palm is mesh, and an elastic band secures it to your wrist.

The Sense Hydro S-Lab Set will be available within the next few months for around US$40.

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