Samsung first unveiled its 4K UHD television line in the form of a massive 85-inch model at CES this year, but the company did promise that it would expand to both larger and smaller models. Now, the company has officially announced that it will be bringing 55- and 65-inch models to market in June.

Samsung did not reveal much about the smaller versions of its 4K TVs, but they will feature its Smart TV upgrade platform, which allows users to connect a "Samsung Evolution Kit" and refresh the device each year. Users should then be able to enjoy the latest features without having to purchase a new TV.

The company also says that the TV itself will be able to handle upscaling, so standard and high definition content should appear sharp.

Like many of Samsung's newer TVs, the 4K models will include what it calls "Micro Dimming Ultimate" technology. This technology analyzes the screen and optimizes the LED backlight and video signal in real time, which can lead to a 20 percent increase in brightness. To put it simply, it creates darker blacks and whiter whites.

The key piece of information missing was the cost of the smaller screens. The 85-inch model has a retail price of US$39,999. Of course, the smaller models will be cheaper, but will they fall below that coveted $10,000 price point that Sony managed to hit? That remains to be seen. Also unconfirmed is whether the new TVs will feature the "Timeless Gallery" frame of the 85-inch model.