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Samsung unveils new flagship Galaxy S III

Samsung unveils new flagship G...
Introducing, the Galaxy S III, Samsung's new flagship Android handset
Introducing, the Galaxy S III, Samsung's new flagship Android handset
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The Galaxy S III gaming without wires
The Galaxy S III gaming without wires
Galaxy S III voice control on the go
Galaxy S III voice control on the go
Introducing, the Galaxy S III, Samsung's new flagship Android handset
Introducing, the Galaxy S III, Samsung's new flagship Android handset
The Galaxy S III
The Galaxy S III
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Samsung is currently the number one Android handset maker in the world, with market researcher NPD recently reporting that one in every four smartphones sold in the U.S. bear the Samsung logo. So it comes as no surprise that the Galaxy S III has become one of the most highly anticipated phones of 2012, but does it live up to the hype?


At its Mobile Unpacked event last week in London, Samsung stated that the Galaxy S III was a phone "inspired by nature." Translation - The Galaxy S3 ditches the hard square angles of its predecessors in favor of a more rounded design that shares more than a passing resemblance to the Galaxy Nexus. The case itself is being offered in "Pebble Blue" or "Marble White", and aims for a more organic feel, rather than the slab of glass designs we've seen on other smartphones such as the Droid series or the iPhone 4. The slight shift in design may also have something to do with keeping Apple's lawyers off its back this time round.


One area Samsung has always excelled in is display quality, and the Galaxy S III is no different. Featuring a 4.8 inch AMOLED display with a pixel density of 309 ppi, this is easily one of the nicest Android displays out there. However, Samsung has decided to use a PenTile setup in the S III, which sees smaller subpixels sharing space onscreen with surrounding pixels to save energy. PenTile can lead to colors looking a bit over saturated and distorted, but we'd be surprised if Samsung would let its flagship device launch with a subpar screen.

Under the Hood

The Galaxy S III launches with specs that set the early pace for 2012.Full specifications:

  • Processor: Exynos Quad Core 1.4 GHz
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • Storage:16 GB expandable to 64GB (MicroSD slot included)
  • Display: 4.8-inch Super AMOLED
  • Battery: 2,100mAh
  • OS: Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich
  • Camera: 8 megapixel rear, 1.9 megapixel front


This years Galaxy announcement was dominated by software. For starters, there's S Voice, a service that promises full control over your S III using only your voice, much like Apple's Siri. And like Apple's offering, S Voice requires a data connection as the processing is done in the cloud. There's also a new feature called Smart Stay, in which the S III uses its front facing camera to track the user's eye location, dimming the display when you look away to conserve power, and S Beam, which lets files be transferred between devices using NFC and Wifi Direct. The redesigned Touchwiz interface for the S III sees the signature dock bar at the bottom of the screen now holding five icons rather than four.

Wrap up

The Galaxy S III is an impressive device, with a screen that rivals that of Apple's retina display and is sure to win over those you see it first hand, and a CPU/GPU combo that allows it to tackle anything on the Google Play store without breaking a sweat. Set for release in the U.K on May 28th, and the rest of the world shortly after.Source: Samsung, Samsung Tomorrow

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Mark McGraw
as long as that crappy unstable software they use(Kies) on pcs is improved, I will probably get one.
Jake Dhillon
Syncing the S2 phone with my contacts is a chore from outlook. The damn swype keeps locking up the whole phone in the middle of a text or email. I WANT Ice Cream Sandwich and not all this bloatware that ships with the phone from my carrier also!
I begrudgingly bought an Android to port my iOS App over to.
I was an absolute die-hard Apple fan, but Samsung and Android just leave iPhone for dead. Everything about it is just better - my old iPhone just seems *so* old now...
It kind of serves Apple right for suing them. I would have just bought anything, but since Apple sued Samsung, I guessed that Samsung must be the best competitor out there, so I specifically bought their brand.
There's a lesson for you Apple. Forget the lawyers - when people do stuff better than you, concentrate on improving yourself, instead of telling everyone to go buy someone elses better stuff through your silly lawsuits!