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Samsung Galaxy S5 may feature eye scanner

Samsung Galaxy S5 may feature ...
Coming soon?
Coming soon?
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The follow-up to the Galaxy S4 is just a few months away
The follow-up to the Galaxy S4 is just a few months away
Coming soon?
Coming soon?

Samsung is working with iris-scanning security technology and could include such an eye scanner in the next iteration of its Android flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S5, according to what a company executive said in an interview at CES 2014 this week.

“Many people are fanatical about iris recognition technology,” said Lee Young Hee, executive vice president for mobile at Samsung, in an interview with Bloomberg.

He would not say whether or not it would be added to the Galaxy S5 for sure, but he did reveal that the new smartphone would be unveiled this spring (Northern Hemisphere), roughly around the same time as the Galaxy S4's introduction in New York at a large media event last year.

The notion of a Galaxy S5 with an iris scanner for identification and security purposes comes on the heels of Apple adding a fingerprint scanner to the most recent iteration of its top smartphone, the iPhone 5S.

Lee also said that the Galaxy S5 would be launched in conjunction with a new smartwatch to follow up the Galaxy Gear. He said the successor would be less bulky than the original and come with a more powerful suite of features.

Source: Bloomberg

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