Last week, Samsung added an all-new phablet to its smartphone lineup in the form of the Galaxy S6 edge+. In a lot of ways, the standard S6 edge and new edge+ are different sizes of the same handset, but let's look at the ways they break off from each other.


The S6 edge+ is essentially a larger version of the original edge that we saw earlier this year, measuring 8 percent taller and wider. The larger handset is the thinner of the two, but only by a hair.


That extra size gives the edge+ a little extra heft, weighing 16 percent more than the smaller handset.

Build (frame)

Both smartphones features the same aluminum frame design.

Build (back)

You'll also find Gorilla Glass 4 on the backs of both devices.


There's a choice of colors with both smartphones, though most wireless carriers are currently only offering pre-orders of the black and gold edge+ variants.

Display size

The defining difference between these two handsets comes in display size, with the edge+ offering 25 percent more screen real estate than the edge.

Display resolution

The edge+ might offer a larger display, but you'll find the same resolution on both handsets. While that does equates to 11 percent more pixels per inch on the S6 edge, both panels are extremely sharp.

Display type

Both devices make use of AMOLED display tech.

Curved display

As their names suggest, both devices' screens curve down at the edges.

S Pen

The edge+ might fall into phablet territory, but don't expect to find a stylus included, as you would with the Note line.


Both the edge and its big brother are powered by top-tier Exynos processors.


The S6 edge+ bests the smaller handset when it comes to memory, offering an impressive 4 GB of RAM.


Of the two, only the smaller edge smartphone is offered in the highest capacity 128 GB variant.


It might be worth picking one of the larger capacity storage options, as you won't find a card reader anywhere here.

Camera megapixels

You'll find the same megapixel count on both devices' cameras.

Camera aperture

Both smartphones pack high-end f/1.9 apertures on their rear cameras.


There's Optical Image Stabilization included on both smartphone's rear shooters.


Given that the S6 edge+ is a larger handset, it's no surprise that there's a larger battery installed.

Removable battery

As with the majority of 2015 flagship smartphones, there's no getting at batteries here.

Fast charging

As along as you're using the included cable, you'll be able to quickly charge up either handset when they're nearly out of power.

Wireless charging

There's wireless charging on board with both devices.

The edge+ goes one better here, though, offering fast wireless charging, which according to Samsung, will take the battery from dead to full in just two hours.

Samsung Pay

Either handset will work with Samsung's glossy new payment service, set to launch next month.

Fingerprint sensor

There's a fingerprint sensor included on the physical button on the front of both devices. Unlike older Samsung handsets, you only have to touch a finger to these sensors, rather than swipe across them.

Keyboard cover

You'll be able to use Samsung's Blackberry-like keyboard cover with the newer smartphone.


Whichever device you opt for, you'll get the latest flavor of Android, augmented with Samsung's own UI skin, which is subtler, with less bloat, than in previous years.


The devices' launch dates are just four months apart.

Starting price (full retail)

When it comes to asking price, there isn't much of a difference here. The S6 edge+ does have some variation in asking price between carriers, and you're much more likely to find deals on the four-month-old handset, but the figure quoted here represents an average.

For more, you can check out Gizmag's Galaxy S6 edge+ review along with our review of the smaller GS6 edge.

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