With Samsung’s Galaxy Note II already blurring the lines between a smartphone and a tablet – earning the moniker “phablet” – it seems the Korean electronics giant is now looking to have the device blur the lines between a phablet and a desktop computer. The company’s new Galaxy Note II Smart Dock gives the Galaxy Note II a mini desktop PC form factor to turn it into what Samsung calls “a productivity powerhouse.”

Once a Galaxy Note II is slotted into the dock, users can connect various peripherals, such as external storage devices, a keyboard and mouse, via the three full-sized USB ports. A 3.5 mm line out port can be used to attach external speakers, while a full-sized HDMI port lets users output 1080p Full HD video to a HDTV or monitor when the Note II’s 5.5-inch display isn’t big enough. A miniUSB input for powering the dock and charging the docked Galaxy Note II completes the connectivity options.

The trough in which the mobile device slots is large enough to accommodate a Galaxy Note II complete with cover and the unit also allows the docked device to be used to make phone calls while docked.

The cost to transform your Galaxy Note II into a mini desktop is US$99.99.

Source: Samsung via phandroid

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