Galaxy Note

  • Apart from growing bigger (and bigger), the fundamental design of the smartphone hasn't changed a lot since the first iPhone. But Samsung's Galaxy Note Edge, with its curved "Edge Display," is the rare phone that breaks the mold. Is it worth buying? Read on, as Gizmag reviews the Galaxy Note Edge.
  • Got a new iPhone 6 Plus or Galaxy Note phablet? Phones may have become bigger, but the human body hasn't got the memo yet - our fingers and thumbs are the same stubby, inconvenient length as ever. But fear not! The Thanko thumb extender gives you a whopping 15 mm of extra reach.
  • The Galaxy Note 4 will almost certainly be the most popular product Samsung revealed today. But, in many ways, it's also the tamest. Sitting next to a Jetsons-like smartwatch, a virtual reality headset and a phablet with a wrap-around display, the Galaxy Note 4 is, well, a little predictable.
  • Samsung is about to unleash a whole mess of high-end tablets on us. With four Galaxy Pro tablets – the Galaxy Note Pro, Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2, Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1, and Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 – to choose from, we thought we'd line them up and take a look at their features and specs.
  • Samsung's gigantic Galaxy Note Pro is a tablet not quite like any other. As an Android slate with a 12.2-in screen, it doesn't exactly have a lot of obvious competition. So why not compare it to the Microsoft Surface Pro 2, another tablet that uses a stylus? Join us, as we compare the two.
  • At CES 2014, Samsung unveiled a business-centered version of its Galaxy Tabs, the Galaxy TabPRO, which is available in three sizes. But the new slate the company seemed most amped to promote is the companion Galaxy NotePRO, which comes with a 12.2-inch display.
  • With the iPad Air locked, loaded, and ready to launch, perhaps you're wondering how it sizes up next to the best tablet Samsung has to offer. Is the Galaxy Note 10.1 worth a look? Join Gizmag, as we put the two side-by-side.
  • The Galaxy Note 2 was one of our favorite mobile devices of 2012, but it still had room for improvement. What happens when Samsung takes that already great mobile device, and improves on it in all the right areas? Well, you get a beast of a mobile device. Join Gizmag, as we review the Galaxy Note 3.
  • If you're going to criticize Samsung's throw everything against the wall strategy, you also have to admit that the company has two huge smartphone flagships. How many other companies have two mobile devices as popular as the Galaxy Note and Galaxy S lines? Let's see how the latest versions stack up.
  • Israeli graphics company Lucid looks set to announce software that will extend the battery life of the the new Galaxy Note 10.1 considerably. Company President Offir Remez tells Gizmag his technology can increase the battery life of mobile devices between 50 and 100 percent when used for gaming.
  • When the newer model of your current phone hits store shelves, do you stand pat? Or do you bite the bullet and upgrade? Let Gizmag try to help, as we compare the specs and features of the new Galaxy Note 3 with last year's Galaxy Note 2.
  • You can rely on Samsung's flagship smartphones and phablets to have some of the highest-end hardware around. But the company's tablets have always gravitated more towards the mid-range. It was a curious occurrence, but also one you can kiss goodbye, with the announcement of the new Galaxy Note 10.1.
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