Israeli graphics company Lucid looks set to announce that its software has been licensed by Samsung, and will extend the battery life of the the new Galaxy Note 10.1 considerably. Company President Offir Remez tells Gizmag his technology can increase the battery life of mobile devices between 50 and 100 percent when used for gaming.

Speaking to Gizmag at Samsung Unpacked in Berlin on Wednesday evening, Remez, whose academic background is in mathematics, explained that Samsung was quick to swoop in when he first investigated adapting his software, which pertains to a device's screen in particular, from PC gaming to the mobile space.

The battery life increases Remez cited apply to the Samsung Galaxy S4, the development platform for the Galaxy. Should the new Note 10.1 prove a success, the development could be a windfall for Lucid.

When asked if a certain other mobile manufacturer had shown an interest, Remez commented that for his software, working with Android is easier. "Samsung moves amazingly fast," he tells Gizmag. "They gave us all the resources, help and anything we needed." Samsung has incorporated the technology into its version of the Android 4.3 kernel. Remez says that even he isn't privy to the battery life gains achieved in that particular hardware.

Developed under the codename PowerStretch, the technology is set to be trademarked as GameXtend. Expect an official announcement some time in the next few weeks. It seems likely that the technology will be applied to other Samsung mobile devices in the future.

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