Samsung's Gear S3 smartwatch comes in both "Classic" and "Frontier" varieties. Until now, only the latter has been available in an LTE variant. Today, Samsung announced that US customers have the option of purchasing a Gear S3 Classic with 4G cellular connectivity as well.

The Gear S3 Classic with LTE will be available in the US through AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon. Pricing and payment plans vary by carrier, but for reference, the starting price of the non-LTE Classic is US$350. We'd expect the cellular model to be slightly more expensive.

With cellular connectivity, it's possible to use your smartwatch completely independently of your phone, including making and answering calls through your mobile phone number.

Now that the LTE model of the Classic is available, the remaining differences between the Gear S3's Classic and Frontier models are largely aesthetic. The former has a slightly more minimal, traditional analog watch design, while the latter takes strong style cues from more masculine, rugged looks. Check out our review of the Gear S3 Frontier for a closer look.

Source: Samsung

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