After patients have been under general anesthesia, they'll often require post-operative therapy in order to regain their full respiratory function. Although this typically involves using an analog device known as an inspirometer, a doctor from the Samsung Medical Center has created a more high-tech alternative called GoBreath.

The device itself looks kind of like an inhaler, although it also has a flip-up LCD screen on which a custom app runs. That app guides users through lung exercises that include deep breathing, inspiration, and coughing (to dislodge phlegm). It also allows them to check how well they're recovering, and to wirelessly share their progress with their doctor via a cloud service.

GoBreath was developed through Samsung's C-Lab (Creative Lab) program, and has reportedly helped its inventor's patients to recover more quickly.

It will be on display at CES later this month, along with two other C-Lab projects: the wearable headphone-alternative S-Ray speakers, and the vision-enhancing Relúmĭno Glasses.

The GoBreath system is described in more detail, in the following video.

Source: Samsung

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