Samsung has used CES 2010 to launch two new products. The first is the Jitterbug Wellness Call - a new service designed to provide personalized motivation and coaching in order to improve customer’s physical and mental health. The second product is a red cell phone – the Jitterbug J – a phone that delivers American Heart Association health tips to the consumer every day.

Jitterbug Wellness Call

The wellness program was developed in conjunction with health expert, Dr. Brian Alman, Ph.D. Alman has been in the health and wellness industry for over 30 years and is a best-selling author. Consumers using the program will receive a four to five minute call twice a week. Each call is personally guided by Alman and consumers can choose to receive the call on a day and time that suits them.

Alman said, “Jitterbug has taken health and wellness to another level for their customers. I am delighted to be working with Jitterbug’s customers to help them easily integrate, remember and practice my proven techniques so that they can start creating a healthier lifestyle after their very first call.”

The advice consumers receive will be personally tailored to their health and lifestyle and is based on the information and responses they provide on a health and wellness questionnaire. The service is designed to give customers strategies and techniques to improve their physical and mental health with each phone call.

Jitterbug CEO, David Inns, said, “We continue to develop services that improve the overall well-being of our customers and the partnership with Dr. Alman is one more way we show our commitment to that goal. We know our customers will feel great after every Wellness Call, so we are including this as a free service in most of our service plans.”

Jitterbug J

The Jitterbug J is the latest in the range of simple-to-use cell phones catering for the over-55s. There was some controversy about the Jitterbug last year when it was discovered that 911 could not be dialed in some areas but it appears that problem has been ironed out. The new red Jitterbug J was developed to show support for the American Heart Association’s Go Red For Women campaign – geared at increasing awareness of heart health for women.

Neil Meltzer, American Heart Association Board Chairman and President and COO, Sinai Hospital of Baltimore said, "Our new relationship with Jitterbug will allow us to reach even more women as we fight their number one killer, heart disease. Jitterbug's dedication and support will help Go Red For Women deliver health information to that encourages women to make life-saving choices everyday."

The patented-design Jitterbug J gives the user access to a 24 hour, seven day a week LiveNurse service and also delivers healthy heart tips every day. Customers also receive a regularly-updated audio information library for medical advice and support. The phone features custom texting and a handy Jitterbug library of pre-written text messages – a feature that takes the hassle out of texting for the elderly and for users with disabilities. It has an easy-dial keypad and features a large 2.10” color screen. Lighter and thinner than its previous counterparts it also features a larger screen. A dedicated button turns on the speaker for hands-free chat using a BlueTooth headset. Other color options are white and graphite.

Jitterbug J Specifications

  • Dimensions (closed): 2.17” x 3.87” x 0.98”
  • Weight: 4.06 ounces
  • Internal LCD Display: Screen Size: 2.10,” Pixels: 176 x 220
  • Color: 262k
  • Battery: Standard: 800mAh - Up to 4 hours continuous talk time before recharging
  • Memory: 512Mb + 512Mb
  • Hearing Aid Compatibility: M4T4 rating using T-coil technology

Jitterbug J is available now and can be purchased from Jitterbug.

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