After previewing its cinema-sized LED display back in March, Samsung has now installed its first commercial screen in Korea. The 34 ft Cinema LED Screen boasts 4K resolution, supports more lifelike HDR picture quality and is backed up by "state-of-the-art" audio from Harman.

Where most movie theaters around the world use digital or laser projectors to throw the latest blockbuster onto a huge screen in front of the audience, the Lotte Cinema World Tower in Seoul, South Korea, has ditched the projector at its Super S theater in favor of Samsung's first Cinema LED Screen. At 33.8 ft (10.3 m) wide, it's not going to worry IMAX theater owners too much, but as the installation is made up of a number of cabinets, it can be scaled to suit the requirements of different theaters.

Samsung's screen couples 4,096 x 2,160 UHD resolution with High Dynamic Range technology, now common in big screen televisions, for the promise of true-to-life colors and sharp, vibrant images. Meanwhile, a "nearly infinite" contrast ratio should be more than capable of handling the deepest blacks and brightest whites. It also manages 10 times the brightness levels offered by movie projectors.

The new display is said to be capable of maintaining top notch digital picture quality in a variety of lighting scenarios, allowing venues to use theaters for corporate events, concerts, gaming competitions and sporting event viewing as well as showing the latest movies. And it was the first to fully comply with the Digital Cinema Initiative theater technology standards in May, which is said to validate the screen's ability "to showcase the complete color spectrum with unaltered accuracy."

Harman Professional Solutions and Samsung's own Audio Lab share the sound credits, a combination of speakers bordering the display, Samsung's audio processing tech and JBL's Sculpted Surround Sound system.

According to ZDNet, Lotte Cinema is planning to install more of the screens in key theaters throughout South Korea, while Samsung is taking aim at the US, China and Japan.

Source: Samsung

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