Samsung's latest point-and-shoot gets in-built USB connector

Samsung's latest point-and-shoot gets in-built USB connector
The Samsung PL90 features a sensible built-in USB connector
The Samsung PL90 features a sensible built-in USB connector
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Samsung PL90
Samsung PL90
The Samsung PL90 features a sensible built-in USB connector
The Samsung PL90 features a sensible built-in USB connector
Samsung HMX-E10 camcorder
Samsung HMX-E10 camcorder
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So, you just got back to your hotel room after a fabulous first day on your long awaited vacation. You have spent the day exploring ancient sites and taking beautiful photos that capture the spirit of the place. You get back to your hotel room and you can’t wait to download the pictures onto your computer but you can’t find the cable for the life of you, only to realize you left it sitting on your desk at home. Don’t we all know that feeling!

Samsung's just announced PL90 digital camera solves that problem with an in-built USB connector which also allows you to power the battery through your computer, so you can leave your power cord at home too.

While it's not as high-tech as the built-in Wi-Fi featured on the recently announced ST80 camera and we've seen it before on cameras like the Flip Mino, it is such simple addition that I wonder why all cameras don’t have it? I know I would love to throw out my box of cables and adapters.

The Samsung PL90 features 12.2 mega-pixel stills, 640x480 movie mode at up to 30 fps, 4x Optical Zoom and a 2.7 inch, 230K-pixel LCD display in a compact 3.9” x 2.2” x 0.7” body.

Though it lacks the forward facing screen of the company's Dual View range, the camera does include a clever Self Portrait function which uses face detection and an audible noise to let you know when you are in frame. The face detection can also track up to twelve different people in the same shot. In addition the PL90 features Beauty Shot and Smile and Blink detection and an onboard Smart Album which lets you search for images according to date, time and color rather than scrolling through every shot you've taken.

The Samsung PL90 is slated for a September release at a price of US$149.99.

PL90 in brief

  • Mega-Pixels: 12.2 mega-pixels
  • Optical Zoom: 4x Optical Zoom
  • LCD Size: 2.7 inch, 230K-pixel LCD
  • Movie Mode: 640x480 (30/15fps)
  • Size: 3.9” x 2.2” x 0.7”
  • Built-in USB Plug
  • Smart Auto Function
  • Objective Tracking AF
  • Smart Album
  • Perfect Portrait System: Beauty Shot / Face Detection / Self Portrait / Smile Shot / Blink Detection/Red-eye Fix
  • HMX-E10 camcorder

    Samsung is also adding to its point-and-shoot camcorder lineup with the HMX-E10. The pocket-sized camcorder shoots 1920x1080 full HD resolution video (H.264) and 8 MP megapixel still images. Notable features include a 270-degree swiveling lens and a 2.7-inch wide, touch screen LCD set vertically for recording, with half showing what's being filmed and the other half showing the control buttons. For playback the camcorder is held horizontally to make use of the entire display.

    Like the PL90 there's also a built-in USB connector for uploading and charging and Samsung's "intelli studio" editing software is loaded onto the device so that it travels wherever the camcorder does, allowoing you to edit video on someone else's computer. There's also a number of inbuilt filters such as vignetting, color effects and sketch, which is designed to give video a pencil drawing feel.

    The HMX-E10 costs US$199.99.

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