May 22, 2009 Slim is in. As flat screen TVs strive for a wafer-like profile so do their diminutive digital photo frame cousins, and at 23 mm (.91 inches) thin, Samsung's SPF-87H LCD Photo Frame is not about to buck the trend. The unit's 8-inch, 800x480 resolution screen has a 500:1 contrast ratio and there's 1GB of on-board memory loadable via SD slot or USB.

The USB connection handles the power requirements and the screen can be used as a pint-sized second monitor on your computer.

Frame included the unit measures 9.29" x 6.28" x 0.91" and for those who like to match their electronic decor, its Touch of Color (ToC™) design is also used on Samsung TV’s and monitors.

The cost: USD$129.

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