The last time we gawped at Samsung's massive modular display – called The Wall – it had grown to a crazy 219 diagonal inches. Now, as The Wall range, erm, inches closer to release, the company has revealed its series topper, a 292 inch large format monster.

Samsung says that The Wall will be available in sizes and ratios ranging from 73 inch models to 292 flavors. The largest version was revealed at Integrated Systems Europe 2019 in Amsterdam earlier today.

The Wall displays will all be slim, bezel-hating designs with an Ambient Mode that allows the room-fillers to blend in with their surroundings and a decor frame that can be customized to suit. Don't get too excited though as these displays are unlikely to be dominating any immense living rooms, as they've been designed purely for business use.

Recent Samsung acquisition Harman and partner Steinway Lyngdorf will be tapped to provide top notch audio solutions to complement the 8K resolution displays, while the firm will work with Control4, Crestron and Savant on home automation aspects and Domotz, Ihiji and OrvC for remote monitoring.

Beyond mentioning that 292 inch version of The Wall displays will break cover in the first half of 2019, Samsung is keeping more juicy details – such as pricing and detailed specs – close to its chest for now.

Source: Samsung