Samsung Windows 8 hybrid tablet to be unveiled at IFA?

Samsung's enigmatic sneak peek photo
Samsung's enigmatic sneak peek photo
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Samsung's enigmatic sneak peek photo
Samsung's enigmatic sneak peek photo

If the Samsung Notebook page on Facebook is anything to go by, we should soon be seeing a new Windows 8 hybrid tablet from the company. It will apparently be making its debut in just a few days, at the IFA 2012 electronics trade show.

The Facebook page in question simply shows the above image (which was added on Sunday), with a caption underneath stating “Don't worry, it's just around the corner...”

According to The Verge, the device in the photo looks quite similar to a transforming Windows 8 tablet concept that Samsung displayed earlier this year at Computex. It featured a stand-alone tablet screen measuring approximately 11 inches across, with front and rear cameras, and a slot for storing a stylus. That tablet joined to a separate netbook-style keyboard via a magnetic hinge.

Whatever the device actually turns out to be, Gizmag will be on hand in Berlin to check it out first hand, when IFA opens this Friday.

Source: The Verge

Atul Malhotra
The dawn is almost upon us ! Welcome Windows 8 ..........
With recent news from US courts, more than ever I am looking for a true Ipad alternative. Let's hope this has the goods - and then some!