Samsung’s credit card phone – distilled technology

Samsung’s credit card phone – distilled technology
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January 30, 2006 If you’re beginning to wonder just how far the technology miniaturisation trend will take us, the following will hopefully confirm that the form factor of the mobile phone still has a long way to go. Samsung will soon release a phone dubbed the SGH-P300 in Europe. With such clinical model designations, it's not suprising it has already attracted the nickname, “the card” because it’s very similar in size to a credit card, though in our opinion, it looks for all the world like a calculator. Within its dimensions of 87mm x 54mm x 8.9mm it accomodates all standard phone functionality, has a 262K-colour, 220 x176 pixel TFT display, 1.3 megapixel camera with flash and direct printing via PictBridge, 88 MB of internal memory, an MP3 player, speakerphone, Bluetooth wireless technology support and quite incredibly, an 800 mAh Li-Ion battery. Somehow, it still weighs in at just 65 grams and if we didn’t know better we’d suspect that Samsung has found a way of distilling technology.

Two of the better European-based mobile phone resources on the web have already had their hands on the P300 and managed quite extensive reviews so follow the links for much more detail and extensive images.– they are Mobile Review which managed to get one in Moscow and CellularMania which managed to get one in Italy.

There seems to be a few discrepancies with regard to the exact specification of the phone, so we’ll have to wait for Samsung’s official announcement for each marketplace, though we have it confirmed that the phone will not be a show phone, but a readily-available in all European markets item, no doubt going after the market captured by the Motorola Razr.

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