Samsung’s Sports Miniket for xtreme sports capture

Samsung’s Sports Miniket for xtreme sports capture
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August 31, 2005 We like ruggedised electronics, and we like this one in particular as it’ll help the world to participate more fully in X-sports adventure. Samsung's new ruggedised Sports Miniket VP-X110L is a new variant in the range combining a camcorder, digital camera and MP3 player. Most importantly, the Sports Miniket has been developed with an external camera and a set of mountings, specifically so it would be ideal for recording all manner of outdoor activities from adrenaline-charged action sports through, well … almost anything. The Sports Miniket’s external camera module can be mounted on a helmet, on an arm via the arm-band or any stable surface. If there’s a drawback, it’s that the digital still image camera is a hopelessly inadequate 800 x 600 pixels – incredibly lame from a company that produces 7 mpx camera phones.

"The Samsung Sports Miniket redefines digital video. Adventure sports enthusiasts no longer have to choose between top quality stills and superior digital video - they can now get both with one easy-to-use palm-sized device," said a Samsung Electronics spokesperson.

The Sports Miniket VP-X110L has a 1GB built-in storage capacity featuring a 10X Optical Zoom with 800K Movie Optimised CCD lens. The Samsung Sports Miniket comes with MPEG4 movie quality (720x576/25 fps), offering the additional advantage of sharing files quickly via e-mail.

Combining all the user benefits of Samsung’s original Miniket, a unique file transfer option means you can record on the built-in memory, then transfer to a removable Memory Stick for easy download. Samsung’s Miniket connects to any PC using a high speed USB 2.0 connector and also comes with a power cradle for easy re-charge. It supports MPEG4 format and comes with a cradle for easy connection and re-charging.

Pricing will vary depending on the country and maturity of the market. The v has already been available in some markets for a few months, so pricing will be sharper.

View gallery - 5 images
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