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SanDisk evaluating 12GB microSDHC memory card

SanDisk evaluating 12GB microS...
SanDisk 12GB microSDHC card
SanDisk 12GB microSDHC card
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SanDisk 12GB microSDHC card
SanDisk 12GB microSDHC card

January 9, 2007 SanDisk has announced plans for the world's largest capacity microSDHC card for mobile phones packing a whopping 12GB of storage.

The continuing race to cram more capacity into the memory card format reflects the growing popularity of mobile phones with storage-intensive features that include music players, digital cameras, video recording and playback and GPS capabilities.

The 12GB microSDHC will store large quantities of music, photos and video. 12GB has the capacity to store a combination of around 1,500 songs (4 minute songs as 128 kbps MP3), 3,600 photos (based on 2 mega pixel camera) and 24.5 hours of video (MPEG-4 video at 384 kbps). Exact storage capacity will vary depending on the type of mobile device.

The new card is not yet available for purchase, with SanDisk now providing sample microSDHC flash memory cards to major phone manufacturers for testing and evaluation.

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