SanDisk announces USB flash drive with automatic online backup

SanDisk announces USB flash drive with automatic online backup
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January 4, 2008 While the development of Flash based USB drives have enabled people to store increasing amounts of data on ever smaller devices, they have also increased the risk of misplacing data in the event that these diminutive drives disappear. Recognizing this SanDisk has announced the Cruzer Titanium Plus, a 4GB capacity USB flash drive that offers automatic online backup for every file copied to the drive. In the event that the drive is lost, stolen or if users simply forget to bring the drive with them, quick access is provided to their backed-up files through any computer connected to the Internet.

After opening a personal password-protected online account, any files copied to the drive are automatically backed up online. If the computer isn’t online when files are copied to the drive, the backup will take place automatically the next time there is an Internet connection. To help protect the user against accidentally deleting important files any files deleted from the drive can be easily recovered by signing into the online backup account where deleted files will be kept online for 30 days, as long as the total of backed up files from the device and deleted files do not exceed available online backup capacity, which matches the physical capacity of the drive.

The drive is housed in a rugged, crush-resistant metal case and has optional security by turning on password protection – with AES hardware data encryption – for all files stored on the drive, preventing other people from accessing user data if the drive is lost or stolen. Also included is two years of free lost-and-found service from BoomerangIt, to increase the chances users will get the drive back if it’s misplaced. Cruzer Titanium Plus comes with a BoomerangIt sticker to put on the drive and if the drive is recovered, the owner typically pays shipping costs and provides a small reward.

Cruzer Titanium Plus will be featured at the 2008 International Consumer Electronics Show from Jan. 7 to 10 and is expected to be available in the US in March, with a MSRP of $59.99.

For further info visit SanDisk.

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